Improve Procurement Performance

kiresult is the all-in-one solution for 100% transparency on business expenses.

Get the most out of your spend data with AI that specializes in procurement.
Procurement becomes the central corporate spend manager.
Get access to highly accurate analytics and thereby the best possible conditions.

kiresult supports 100% through easy integration and automated data maintenance through categorization and harmonization.

You focus on strategic subjects.

How does that work?


Make Data

Optimal categorization of your expenses. kiresult automatically assigns invoices or orders to your product groups and enables intuitive data management.


Research and spot-on Analytics

In-depth insights into historical data. Pre-built analytics for exactly the information you need. Easy accessibility for all employees.


Automated Data Processing

Guidance of employees in everyday processes through suggestion values. Ensuring data quality with simultaneous process optimization.

Transparency as a Service

The uncomplicated assignment of order and invoice data to any product group standard or an industry standard such as ECLASS.

The complete harmonization of an vendor master.

Our pricing

Our pricing is based on the spend volume of our customers. For ERP interfaces and larger spend volumes, we will calculate an individual offer for you. If you want to use the solution for one commodity group only, the spend volume under the commodity group determines the package size. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

For the service of categorization of invoices and orders or harmonization of vendors, we will provide you with an individual offer.



below €100 mil. spend volumen
per year
  • No user limitation
  • 3 years contract period
  • + €1,500 implementation costs



below €300 mil. spend volumen
per year
  • No user limitation
  • 3 years contract period
  • + €3,000 implementation costs



below €1 bil. spend volume
per year
  • No user limitation
  • 3 years contract period
  • + €4,500 implementation costs

Transparency over

> 0 mio. €
spend volume

„With kiresult, our spend data was processed in a way that we have increased transparency in our category structure. The team at kiresult has procurement expertise and knows the problems around procurement data from their own experience.

The speed and results through the use artificial intelligence have convinced us and also led to high internal attention. “

Moritz Vogt

Project Head – Procurement Digitalization

The path to analyzable spend data has never been easier.

We offer you a non-binding test phase on our platform.