About us

About us

Our vision:

We help our customers to use their limited resources in the best possible and most efficient way.

By using state-of-the-art technology, we enable the automation of data-based decisions in business processes.

We believe in technological solutions

We want to use software to optimize processes and thus support employees in their work. 

This reduces throughput times and simplifies internal processes.

We follow a holistic approach

We are convinced that true added value can only be created in sustainable and well thought-out processes. The elaboration of this is an elementary part of our work.

We always work on customer benefit

The value contribution of our software is very important to us. Therefore, we always work out a business case in close cooperation and support our customers long after implementation.

This is our story.

We are a young team with an interdisciplinary professional background. We are connected by the desire to use our passion for IT and data analysis to solve current problems. 

During our time in a student consultancy we often faced the difficulty of repetitive tasks, especially in dealing with master data. We wondered why there are no established solutions for a problem of such dimensions. It quickly became clear that we want to adress this challenge. 

Already during the first steps we became aware of the full potential, which still shapes our vision today. The simplification of data handling in processes and thus the creation of a foundation for any kind of data-based decision making.

Dustin Lang


Dustin is 23 years old finished law at the University of Bonn. Already as a teenager he had a strong enthusiasm for IT topics and learned various programming languages.

Dustin has been working in the student consultancy of Bonn since 2016, where he has been chairman since the end of 2017. 

Dustin has already gained a lot of experience in consulting activities, mainly in the purchasing and supply chain area.

Nils Stausberg


Nils is 26 years old and a doctoral student of physics. Due to his specialization in computer-based physics he is familiar with the handling of large amounts of data.  

Since 2018, Nils is responsible for the IT department of the student consultancy in Bonn.  

He is also co-founder of the School of AI Germany e.V. and in this context one of the organizers of weekly hands-on sessions. 

Jonas Kobler


Jonas is 21 years old and studies law after finishing mathematics at the University of Bonn. Due to a specialization in algorithms he is familiar with data structures and their implementation.

Since 2019 Jonas has been head of the marketing department of the student consultancy in Bonn.

Through internships and first projects in IT and data analysis he was able to gain some experience.

Fabian Kittel


Fabian is 30 years old and has worked as a purchasing and process consultant since 2015. He is an expert in data analysis and spending-oriented business processes. 

As Project Manager he is responsible for purchasing and system implementation projects in international roll-out. 

Fabian’s great passion is effective and goal-oriented communication. He is a certified coach for systemic-humanistic consulting methods.

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